Who we are ?

The L.I.T. Community was founded in 2014 by Novi Karlinah, Diah Fridari, and Thomas Budd. Novi and Diah are native to Indonesia, while Diah and Thomas are doctorate candidates in Transpersonal Psychology at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. Novi has had extensive experience working with nonprofits throughout Indonesia, Thomas having worked with nonprofits in the US, and Diah has been working as a psychology lecturer at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia. The three founders of the Light Inspired Transformations Community have come together with the intention of developing charitable programming related to developing self-awareness internationally. The L.I.T. Community aims to address the need for ecological and cultural conservation through the use of transpersonal education, research, and services. The ecology and culture of the world are interrelated with each individual’s awareness, therefore, striving to refine awareness of a global community will also address the ecology and cultures that we call home.

The transpersonal practices of the L.I.T. Community pertain to actualizing, realizing, and becoming our highest Self. Transpersonal refers to “that which is beyond the person”, and includes the integration of individuals for some mutually inclusive intention, which serves a non-localized self-interest. Essentially, transpersonal requires that individuals practice life based on knowing themselves as both an object and subject, and that there is some universal wholeness to all relations.

In realizing the whole, we can know the sum of its parts