Conference about spiritual way of living in Argentina.

After the advent of a series of synchronicities, you could say that this conference has been conceived by divine inspiration. Synchronicities that led to a set of people spiritual, mystical, and holistic therapists, find and recognize energetically, achieving an understanding and a common purpose.
As we stand we are captivated by this so-called divine, and of course, we knew what we were co-creating. In this sense, this conference is a ship into a new world, where we are your crew, you and your passengers.
This conference is inspired by the visions and aspirations of every member of this group, about how spiritual cohabitaran future civilizations of the world or of the new earth spiritual. The same is a model for a school of spiritual education and field of spiritual cultivation, proposals for these new times.
It portends that all those who participate in this spiritual event may expand your consciousness, to undertake the healing staff, achieve self-realization of self, and a transformation, related to your personal growth, knowledge, and called or spiritual purpose.
The harmonization of being in the frequency of love, spiritual agriculture, education, spiritual, and the economy are treated, spiritual experience as principal of the school education and spiritual fields of spiritual cultivation proposed.
We welcome you to the expansion of your consciousness, to allow the divine action, to know their true selves, to align to the will of the creative source, to be free of their beliefs or preconceptions obsolete, and to come into the potential of this New era.
We invite you to experience the spiritual union with the source creator of all things and beings, and with each being, human and not human, that make up our reality.
The fact that we are all one in the spirit is an irrefutable truth.
Together Let’s unveil this profound beauty, and live in it!

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